Our Mission

The Mission of the Mecosta County Community Foundation is “giving together to enhance our community.”

The Foundation will address community needs for positive change in such fields as art and culture, education, health, nature conservation and the environment, community development, historical resources and social services.

This will be accomplished by attracting, managing and preserving charitable gifts and bequests as community legacies, chiefly in the form of permanent endowments.


After a year of exploration and organization, the Big Rapids Area Fund was established in February 1990 as an affiliate of the Fremont Area Community Foundation. Shortly thereafter, the Mecosta County General Hospital sub-fund became the first sub-fund of the BRACF. It was followed by a number of designated and scholarship funds.


Today there are 40 funds designed for specific purposes as well as scholarship funds. The first general grants were awarded to community organizations in 1993. Currently almost $20,000 per year is available for community grants. In 1998, the name was changed to the Mecosta County Community Foundation and the assets of the foundation exceeded $1,000,000. As the Foundation completes its seventeenth year, the net worth of the Foundation’s assets has passed $3,000,000. It is vibrant organization that provides almost $90,000 annually in grants and scholarships for the community in order to strengthen the community forever.

Why it Matters

Because you do, the people in Mecosta County matter!

Countless lives are made better each year because of gifts and grants to and from the Mecosta County Community Foundation. Through competitive grant rounds, through designated funds where specific organizations get funding help each year and through scholarships to college bound students, the foundation provides the vehicle to help enhance the quality of life for all of us.

Our donors know…. You matter.