We often refer to our role as a bridge, connecting the needs of the community with the convictions of the heart. Our donors fuel that passion, igniting the desire to make a difference. In thinking through your philanthropic goals, we invite you to consider giving through the Mecosta County Community Foundation.

Your Donations Make a Difference!

The needs are clear. Over the next decade, Mecosta County will experience a 25% increase in population and nearly double by 2030. According to 2000 census trends, we will experience an increased percentage of elderly, single family households and ethnic diversity. Challenges facing us will be significant, such as, sprawl, education, health, and poverty, just to name a few. We invite you to believe in the potential of our youth, the dignity of our elderly and the good of our community. We invite you to give because there is a need and you have a desire to do so. We invite you to give because you understand the importance of building a legacy. We invite you to give through MCCF because we are uniquely qualified to serve the needs of Mecosta County.

Other Ways to Give

Donations online and by check are the most popular ways to contribute. However we offer a variety of options, depending on what works best for you. Here are a few you may want to consider:
  • Bequests – Another easy and appealing giving option is a planned gift through a charitable bequest. The dual advantage of a charitable bequest is the distribution of charitable contributions upon your death, combined with the reduction of estate taxes.
  • Appreciated Property – Gifts of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or real estate can provide greater tax benefits than cash gifts of equivalent value, especially if they have a low cost basis. By giving to the community foundation, you will receive receive a charitable deduction for the full market value and avoid paying capital gains tax.
  • IRA – Naming the community foundation as a beneficiary of your IRA is a tax efficient way to give.
  • Life Insurance – In later years, many people find they don’t need all the insurance they did when they were younger. Giving a life insurance policy is an inexpensive way to make a substantial contribution to the community foundation.
Please contact the Foundation if you’d like more information about any of these options or even more ways to help!