The Mecosta County Community Foundation grants money generally from four main types of funds that it maintains with the administrative support of the Fremont Area Community Foundation.

The fund through which most of our grants are given is the Community Needs Fund, which provides about $20,000 a year to support a wide variety of community projects. Community Needs Fund grant applications are due April 1 and October 1. The 7 specific categories to which we can make grants from the Community Needs Fund are: Arts & Culture, Community Development, Education, Health, Historical Preservation & Resources, Nature Conservation & the Environment, Social Services.our brothers keeper

For information on the other three types of funds, please see the Other Fund Information page.

MYCAC grant opportunities also available for school-related items. Please see the MYCAC page for information specific to those grants.

Community Needs Fund Grant Application Process

Grants are made twice annually from the Community Needs Fund (Discretionary Funds) to successful grant applicants. This fund is an endowment holding a principal amount, and the net earnings on the principal amount are what is available for making grants of money. The Foundation Board exercises its discretion to make grants from this fund consistent with the Mecosta County Foundation Grant Guidelines.  Grant requests from this fund are initiated by applications from those representing 501(C)3 or tax-supported organizations located in or having a significant impact in Mecosta County. Money available to grant from this fund may be requested in the Spring Grant Cycle by submitting the required materials by April 1 and in the Fall Grant Cycle by submitting the required materials by October 1.

Currently the Community Needs Fund (Discretionary Funds) are supplemented by funds from the Healthy Youth and Seniors Fund, which are limited funds available to help improve the health and well-being of youth and seniors. Money available to grant from the Healthy Youth and Seniors Fund is requested by including such a request as part of your application to the Community Needs Fund April 1 or October 1 grant cycle.

A request for a grant from the Community Needs Fund is made by completing and submitting the required application materials below.

One copy of the grant application is required and should be mailed to:
P.O. Box 1012-C
Big Rapids, Michigan 49307

Forms Necessary for Community Needs Fund Grants

  1. Guidelines & Requirements
  2. Application Cover Letter
  3. Project Proposal Budget Form
  4. Grant Evaluation Form