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Philanthropy Day Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mecosta County Philanthropy Day?
A one-day event offering the opportunity to make a donation to a qualifying Mecosta County 501c3 non-profit organization (NPO) or a Mecosta County Community Foundation (MCCF) endowment including build-a-fund endowments. Endowed funds will receive up to a fifty cents match to maximum of $2,500. NPOs will receive incentivized donations.

Why should I participate?
This event provides the opportunity to multiply support to your favorite local 501c3 non-profits and MCCF endowments by enhancing your donation with MCCF funds. Donations collected on this day for immediate needs by NPO’s will be collected and accounted for by the Foundation and donations to MCCF endowment funds will be placed in the endowed funds.

How do I donate?
You may make your gift with cash, check or credit card. MCCF can accept credit cards for donations to endowments only. Donors should verify with NPOs whether they accept credit cards.

To whom should my check be made payable? 
Checks should be made payable to the NPO(s) that you wish to help. Checks to an endowed fund should be made payable to Mecosta County Community Foundation with the specific endowment(s) written in the memo portion of the check.

May I make a donation to more than one organization?
You may help as many organizations as you wish by writing separate checks to each NPO.

May I make a donation to more than one endowment?
One check may be written to MCCF designating the endowed fund(s) you wish to support on the memo line.

Is there a minimum or maximum donation amount?
All donation amounts will be accepted. Donations made from an approved organization to itself will not qualify for a match.

Which non-profit organizations and endowed funds qualify for additional dollars?
Qualifying organizations may be found at beginning October 7, 2016.

May I mail in my donation?
To qualify for match dollars, your donation must be received on November 1st at the Holiday Inn. If you can’t join us in person, you can mail your check to the NPO(s) you wish to support allowing ample time for it to be received or give your check dated November 1st or earlier to the organization of your choice and they can deliver the check to us.

May I make my donation online?
Online donations are not possible for Match Day.

What if I want to contribute, but cannot get to the Holiday Inn on November 1st?
You can give your check to a friend or family member and ask them to bring it in on your behalf. You could encourage them to write a check of their own. If that’s not possible, you can give your check to the NPO you wish to support prior to November 1st and they can bring it to the event for you.

When will the organizations receive the money collected from this event?
NPOs will receive all donated money at the conclusion of the event on November 1. Incentivized checks will be mailed in January to the NPOs.-