The Mecosta County Community Foundation advises on scholarships funded by various donors for students in the Mecosta County area. Scholarships are paid to accredited institutions to use the funds for the scholarship recipients’ tuition, fees, books or course required materials.Scott-Anderson-Babb-Ford-scholarship

How to Apply

The eligibility and application requirements for the individual scholarships may vary but only one application needs to be filed online.

Complete the online scholarship and financial information form. Submit the online application by March 1.


Feel free to call Rita Conrad at 231.796.2417, Scholarship Committee Chair or email The Mecosta County Community Foundation at

Scholarships Available

Scott D. Anderson Memorial Scholarship
Barry Barratt Scholarship
Boerma Eagle Scout Scholarship
Horticulture and Technology Scholarship
Robert D. Miller Scholarship
Morley Stanwood Education Association Scholarship
Alice Stephenson Schuberg Scholarship
Class of 1974 Linda Willette Scholarship
Jacob and Gertrude VanDyke Scholarship
Ken and Aletha Sutherland Family Scholarship
Rita and Jerry Conrad Scholarship
Noah Stauffer Scholarship Fund